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  Q2. Why should my independent repair shop own pq-TLS?  

You can not miss it if you want to have trust and loyalty of clients for your long-term and competitive workshop business.

Features of pq-TLS:

1. Accurate & professional diagnostic result (ref. Q4)

2. Much more competitive price (ref. Q1)

3. Helpful and user-friendly customized & special functions - with organized and specific guides.

So pq-TLS doesn’t only sell diagnostic results, but also offers solutions to satisfy your clients with their cars!
4. To add your net profit - You will not need to send the car back to the Toyota/Lexus dealer workshop for

troubleshooting with diagnostic fee if your in-hand scan tool doesn't offer you exact directions (ref. Q4)

5. Reliable - up to the quality of Toyota dealer scan tool (ref. Q4)

6. Professional image built - with this reliable pq-TLS kit even if Toyota/Lexus/Scion is not frequently repaired.


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