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Q6. Toyota dealer scan tool is attractive to me but I like the price of pq-TLS very much.

What should I select?


Smart Purchase: If you are ready to buy Techstream Lite, it is good to own part functions of the dealer scan tool, except its old model diagnosis. Is it necessary to have all? Indeed, old models are fewer and fewer on the market. But it doesn't mean "disappear". A professional tech can not select what models he will repair.
The conclusion: To own a complete and user-friendly scan tool is helpful and important. I will strongly suggest to select "both". Let pq-TLS complete the diagnosis to correspond with Techstream Lite under US$2,000 totally.

More cost-effective plan: Annual fee of Techstream Lite is high (near US$1,000) but how many times must you use it? When pq-TLS satisfies your most requests, it is not necessary to pay this high fee annually. Until you need it partly, you could order two-day license (US$50 or so) to make your pocket deep always.
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